About Us

Rethink35 is an all-volunteer grassroots campaign aimed at stopping the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) plan to expand I-35 in Austin, and recruiting support to explore alternative community proposals.

Our organization is led by a board of directors, and is assisted by volunteers.

Board of Directors

Executive Director

Adam Greenfield


Miriam Schoenfield

Director of Communications

Sean Haney

Director of Community Outreach

Morgan Franklin

Director of Design

Tim McCool

Director of Mobilization

Kelsey Huse

Director of Policy & Research

Kruti Modekurty

Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Wouldn't expanding I-35 help reduce traffic?

Expanding I-35 would not reduce traffic. Widening highways worsens congestion by encouraging more driving, a phenomenon known as “induced demand”.

When Houston’s Katy Freeway was widened to 23 lanes, evening commutes got 19 minutes longer. In fact, of the U.S. cities where freeways were expanded, congestion increased by 144 percent - outpacing their population growth.

+ Today's I-35 is terrible. Don't you want to fix it?

By opposing TxDOT's I-35 expansion plans, we are not asking to leave it as-is. When I-35 was built through Austin, it split the city in half with a dangerous, polluting highway. We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to transform one of the most valuable spaces in our city. The City of Austin and State of Texas should rethink the expansion and consider alternative proposals to re-connect our city.

TxDOT's I-35 expansion proposal will exacerbate the problems with today's highway - not fix them.

+ If we remove I-35 through Austin, where will the traffic go?

When surveyed, 70% of Austinites would prefer to to get around Austin in ways other than driving. Replacing the current I-35 footprint with an at-grade boulevard would would reconnect the street grid and increase access for mass transit, pedestrians, and cyclists. A boulevard would eliminate dangerous highway off-ramps, merges, and other choke points that cause highway congestion.

Routing major highways around town - not through it - is not only the norm across the US, but it’s the norm in Texas. Non-local traffic can either continue on the highway around town, or choose to take the business route / boulevard through town.

In 2020, Austin voters overwhelmingly approved the $7 billion Project Connect project, which will expand transit options throughout the Austin area, including rapid bus lanes, light rail, and subway lines.

+ What actions are you taking to oppose TxDOT’s I-35 expansion plans?

Right now, our goal is to convince local leaders to demand a study that examines a variety of community-proposed alternatives. Our proposed alternative is a "highway to boulevard conversion" - something that has been extremely successful in numerous cities.

The first step: The City of Austin or TxDOT shall conduct a study to find out which plan is most supported by the Austin community. What we know for sure: expanding highways does not work.

+ How do you plan to get local elected leaders on board?

In 2022, residents of Austin will elect a new mayor and several new city council members. Anyone running for a leadership position in Austin or Texas can sign our leadership pledge to publicly show their support.

By signing our leadership pledge, candidates will commit to publicly oppose TxDOT’s proposal to expand I-35, and to support a comprehensive study into the I-35 community alternatives, including Rethink35 and Reconnect Austin. All candidates who sign the pledge will be listed on our Leadership Pledge page.

+ How is Rethink35 funded?

Rethink35 is funded entirely by donations. Looking to help our organization grow? Learn more about how to donate or become a Rethink35 Member.

+ Are your meetings open to the public?

We hold monthly General Meetings, as well as host monthly social events and community outreach events. Check out our upcoming events.

+ How can I get involved?

You can help out Rethink35 by signing our petition (or sharing it with friends and neighbors), becoming a Rethink35 supporting member, participating in door-to-door canvassing, or becoming a volunteer.

Check out our Get Involved page to see how you can help us reach more Austinites.