+ If we remove I-35 through Austin, where will the traffic go?

When surveyed, 70% of Austinites would prefer to to get around Austin in ways other than driving. Replacing the current I-35 footprint with an at-grade boulevard would would reconnect the street grid and increase access for mass transit, pedestrians, and cyclists. A boulevard would eliminate dangerous highway off-ramps, merges, and other choke points that cause highway congestion.

Routing major highways around town - not through it - is not only the norm across the US, but it’s the norm in Texas. Non-local traffic can either continue on the highway around town, or choose to take the business route / boulevard through town.

In 2020, Austin voters overwhelmingly approved the $7 billion Project Connect project, which will expand transit options throughout the Austin area, including rapid bus lanes, light rail, and subway lines.