Leadership Pledge

I pledge to publicly oppose TxDOT’s proposal to expand I-35; and to support a comprehensive study* into the I-35 community alternatives, including Rethink35 and Reconnect Austin.**

Sign the Pledge

[Candidate names will be published here in the near future]

A firm, principled stance from City Council Members, candidates, and other elected leaders will help stop the proposed I-35 expansion.

Leaders have successfully stood up to TxDOT before. In Houston, the Mayor and City Council and Harris County recently stood up to TxDOT on the planned I-45 expansion. That changed the political climate, enabling the Federal government to intervene to pause and potentially stop the project.

Local leaders have the responsibility to stand up for their constituents, especially in tough situations. Expanding I-35 would enormously harm the public’s health, transportation safety and choice, the economy, equity, and climate change, and would double-down on I-35’s foul legacy as a racial dividing line. In their heart, what leader wants to be associated with that?

I-35 will be an election issue in the run up to this November’s election. At campaign events and online, Rethink35 will vigorously promote candidates’ and office-holders’ responses to the below pledge. Candidates’ positions will influence voters’ choices.

Contact us at rethink35atx@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to discuss this more. We hope all local leaders will unite around this sensible, common sense pledge.

*Such a study must examine the effects of the above proposals on human health and the environment (including air quality, carbon emissions, water quality, flooding, noise, vehicular-related deaths and serious injuries, emergency response times), transportation (including transportation choice and affordability, trip times, automobile Vehicle Miles Traveled, street network connectivity, mode split, access, induced demand), the economy (including tax base/revenues, investment, jobs, local businesses, minimizing sprawl growth, fiscal sustainability), housing (number of housing units, rent/purchasing costs), quality of life (vibrancy, pleasantness, sense of place, social connectedness), equity (including all of the above plus displacement/gentrification, revenues for equity-oriented programs, closing socioeconomic gaps between communities, equitable transit oriented development), and compatibility with local plans (including the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, Vision Zero, the Austin Street Design Guide, the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan, the City of Austin Great Streets Master Plan, and the Austin Climate Equity Plan).

**If I am elected to Austin City Council, I will sponsor a Council resolution reflecting this pledge.